Recently I entered as Partner within www.CorFiMA.eu to provide more specialised and ad-on Services for the SME (KMO) in the Belgium with the complementary expertises of all international CorFiMA Partners :


    ° Main and Core Business : M&A in the Belgium (International) with Scope between 500 K and 25 M € transaction Value and oriented to Family Business Entities. Own closed international Network.

    ° Financial exec with broad experience in all aspects of accounting, auditing and financial management. Direct experience with real estate, M&A (Due Diligence), Financial and Operational audit, financial consulting and venture capital.

    ° Focused on "Change Management" for Mid-sized companies to optimize or implement newest Management techniques, to get higher productivity, rentability and efficiency.

    Specialties: Management Advisory Services to implement or optimize Corporate Performance Management and Business Intelligence, with definition Balance Scorecards, Key Performance Indicators and Dashboards.
    Optimization management systems for higher rentability and efficiency.

    Financial and Operational Internal Audit.



    Executive Freelance Advisor experienced in Change-, Corporate Finance and –Performance Management, Financial and Operational Audit, Reporting and Business Intelligence solutions (Europe as well as International),

    ° M&A activities, Valuation, SWOT-analyses, MBI, MBO, Leveraged Buy Out, Asset deal, Carve Out, ..
    ° Financial exec with broad experience in all aspects of accounting, auditing and financial management. In debt experience with real estate, audit, financial consulting and venture (investment) capital.

    ° Focused on "Change Management" for Mid-sized Companies to optimize or implement newest Management reporting techniques, to get higher rentability, productivity, creativity and efficiency.

    Specialties :

    o All aspects of M&A and preparation work.

    o Management Advisory Services to implement or optimize Corporate Performance Management and Business Intelligence, with definition Balance Scorecards, Key Performance Indicators and Dashboards.

    o Optimization management systems to increase rentability, productivity, creativity and efficiency within working environment at all levels of the target Company.

    o Preparation work (Analyse) with local Management for implementing ERP-systems like cost reduction programs, Financial Reporting Systems, BI Solutions.

    o Financial and Operational Internal Audit, Due Diligences and "Mergers and Acquisitions".

    o Business Plans, Feasibility studies, Networking

    o Controller function / Consolidation / Cost Control and – Cutting.

    P&L motivated leader with demonstrated success in the development and implementation of new processes that improve efficiency and productivity.
    - Reduced overall expenses by over 20% and staff by 30% while continuing to increase nett results and production capacities.
    - Developed new management techniques for streamlining reporting tools, administration and cost control systems, Company valuation and working out Business Strategies.

    Bachelor in Accountancy and ICT

    Registered Accountant and Tax Advisor - (not active anymore with accredited position)

    Auditor (Financial and Operational) and registered Real Estate broker - (not active anymore with accredited position).
    IMPAC University – implementation cost reduction program

    A.P.S. (Association of Productivity Specialists)






    Advisory Board Member

    AKQUA - Business Advice

    Business Advice for M&A, Investments, Finance - Nov 2017 – 2020


    AKQUA :

    • Corporate, Administrative, Tax and Financial Services
    • Investment and finance structures
    • Company- and Project-development / strategies
    • M&A activities and advisory services based on strong inner Network and Portfolio of Buy-, Sell- and Search side Mandates.
    • Hands-on Solutions for Management (ad-hoc or on regular base - sparring partner)
    • Out-of-the Box thinking team spirit


    Partner May 2013 – 2018

    PHAROS-Group - M&A activities


    Intake of Sell- and Buy-side Mandates, Reports on demand, Ad-hoc consultancy for Manangement, Financial Reporting and Audit, Valuation, Information Memorandum and Feasibility Studies, SWOT ananlyses, Finance and Investments, ...


    National and Ineternational.


    We have a constantly changing portfolio and we always have open mind for business proposals.


    WIN /WIN for both - but "no cure - no pay" is exiled in our business filosophy.


    Drop me an email at David.Vermeulen@PHAROS-Group.be

    (Inter)national M&A Activities and Management Advisory Services

    Analyst /Auditor Sep 2012 – Present

    Our core is M&A activities for the typical Family Business Companies, but as well some advisory services like Turn-arounds, Project development, Business- or Sales Memorandum, split /merger, consolidation, .....
    All what a Manager /Owner needs to know about the next Future of her/his Business en follow-up.

    Mergers and Acquisitions - M&A

    Freelance Consultant Apr 2012 – Present

    Mergers and acquisitions (abbreviated M&A) is an aspect of corporate strategy, corporate finance and management dealing with the buying, selling, dividing and combining of different companies and similar entities that can help an enterprise grow rapidly in its sector or location of origin, or a new field or new location, without creating a subsidiary, other child entity or using a joint venture. The distinction between a "merger" and an "acquisition" has become increasingly blurred in various respects (particularly in terms of the ultimate economic outcome), although it has not completely disappeared in all situations.

    5CGroup International Corporation

    Partner Belgium Jan 2010 – Present

    Bridging business between Belgium and China, more specific related to Green Energy projects, M&A, Equity and Debt capital, ...

    EWATEC Global

    Partner Mar 2008 – Present

    EWATEC Global - originally a Belgian environmental Engeneering Company, established in New-Zealand in 2005 to continue enveronmental activities, developped in the heart of Europe.
    EWATEC Global offers capabilities in working fields of Energy, Water and Air Technologies : consulting and advice, audits for energy and water efficient building, promoting renewable energy and energy efficiency design, Engeneering and Project Management, supply and installation of sustainable material /equipment.
    Specialised services includes Solar energy and Rain Water Harvesting for domestic commercial and industrial use.

    Corp Perf Mngt Adv Serv - CPMaS

    Analyst / Partner Jan 2006 – Present

    Implementation of Business Intelligence and Performance Management by using tools as KPI's, BSC's and Dashboards. This all to optimize Management Reporting Systems with more efficiency, productivity, rentability.
    Cost reduction could be one of the strategies ....

    CANDYVILLE / Eurosweets

    Management Consultant Apr 2009 – May 2012

    Working out a total new Brand "CANDYVILLE" with the historical Antwerp Factory EUROSWEETS and Guy De Vil as driven Manager in the Frontline.
    Working out the basics of new ERP-software and Management reporting and control.
    Our aim to be one of the best in quality and superior in diversified Traditional and New Candies and Sweeties, will bring us soon as important player in the Market.

    BNT.HK (Bai Nuo Tuo - Hong-Kong)

    Partner Jun 2007 – Jun 2008

    I'm Partner with BNT.HK - International Business and Investment House (start up June 2007) together with 5 others from Belgium and China.
    We're really in start-up phase and hope to get ready beyond September 2007.
    Meanwhile I can provide you further information with PP-presentation by email : David.Vermeulen@BNT.HK

    IMPAC University

    Consultant Sep 2003 – Sep 2005

    project Bank in Brussels
    Later : personal assistant Vice President Europe and East-Europe
    Cost reduction programs

    Internal AUDIT / ANALYST

    Internal Auditor /Analyse / Implementor 1990 – 2005

    Management Advice to Mid-Cap Companies for Financial Reporting, Corporate Management, ERP-choices, M&A, Finance, Re-structuring and -Organisation, Efficiency and Optimilisation.


    Consultant Auditor Nov 2004 – Nov 2004

    Hired-in expert for set up of "Internal Auditor" selection procedures for Manpower Iinternational clients. Qualification tests and case-studies


    General Manager / Partner Belgium 1995 – Jul 2002

    Consultant to Mid-Cap companies in the Belgium with good references

    Bayard International Trust Services


    General manager Belgium 1994 – 2002

    Trust Organization based in Jersey. Holding structures over all Europe.
    I was responsable for the Belgian Activities and Holdings.
    Early stage start ups of Companies like NOVARTIS ...

    Bayard / INTEGRO / INSINGER group of companies

    Partner 1998 – 2002

    Financial structures and - Engeneering, Trustee Holder, Holdinggs, Management

    ERCO - BMW concession

    Financial Manager and Board Member Sep 1991 – Mar 1995

    Management Committee and implementation new cost system, investment plan, tax, reporting system to head office Bornem.


    Internal Financial and Operational Auditor Sep 1988 – Sep 1991

    Implementation of Cost- Budget- and Investment Planning with Feasability studies

    UNILEASE Belgium

    Financial Manager Mar 1987 – Aug 1988

    Financial Manager and responsable for Accountancy and Administration, Consolidation to the Dutch Head-office.

    AKZO International

    Internal Auditor Nov 1985 – Jun 1986

    Auditor in the International Internal Audit Department in AKZO Brussels.

    CMB (AMI Air Consolidator and AMI Air Freight)

    Implementor Accountancy rules and -plans Feb 1985 – Nov 1985

    Tempory job - assistant CFO
    Set up new accountancy rules and -plans

    CMB (AMI Air Consolidator and AMI Air Freight)

    Implementor Accountancy rules and -plans Feb 1985 – Nov 1985

    Tempory job - assistant CFO
    Set up new accountancy rules and -plans

    CMB (AMI Air Consolidator and AMI Air Freight)

    Implementor Accountancy rules and -plans Feb 1985 – Nov 1985

    Tempory job - assistant CFO
    Set up new accountancy rules and -plans

    CMB (AMI Air Consolidator and AMI Air Freight)

    Implementor Accountancy rules and -plans Feb 1985 – Nov 1985

    Tempory job - assistant CFO
    Set up new accountancy rules and -plans

    CMB (AMI Air Consolidator and AMI Air Freight)

    Implementor Accountancy rules and -plans Feb 1985 – Nov 1985

    Tempory job - assistant CFO
    Set up new accountancy rules and -plans

    CMB (AMI Air Consolidator and AMI Air Freight)

    Implementor Accountancy rules and -plans Feb 1985 – Nov 1985

    Tempory job - assistant CFO
    Set up new accountancy rules and -plans

  • " An it harm none, do as ye will "



    IMPAC University

    Implementation Cost Reduction Program Western European Studies 2003 – 2007

    Implementation of Cost Reduction Programs in the Larger and Mid Sized Companies throughout Europe

    Studies and Accreditations

    Professional Accountant, Taks-advisor, Financial- and Operational Auditor (Internal /external), Real Estate Broker, APS cost control implementor - see later.


    All-in-one as Advisor for SME and Mid-sized Companies.

    Describe your studies, involvements, and accomplishments at this school.

    Hogeschool Antwerpen

    Bachelor Accountancy - Informatics - Systemanalyse Present – Present

    Activities: Accountancy
    System analyse

    A.P.S. (Association of Productivity Specialists) : 2003 - 2007

     Certified Productivity Specialist

    Applicants must be an Individual member with the Association and must comply with the requirements described below:
    1.Educational Achievement
    Proof of sufficient formal or practical education, both in quantity and quality.
    1.Formal Education – A bachelor’s degree or equivalent from an accredited college or university.
    2.Practical Education – Applicants without degrees may substitute or augment their formal education with practical education derived from business service. This practical education requires any two-year combination of:
    1.Formal college education.
    2.Productivity Specialist experience.
    3.Business experience in a supervisory or management position.
    2.Experience Versatility
    Proof of achievement of the following requirement.
    1.A variety of assignments in different areas such as manufacturing, administration, service, support function, warehouse, retail, engineering, maintenance, process industries, personal service, transportation, commercial, financial, government, agricultural, or sanitation, etc. The individual must have experience in a minimum of three such areas.
    3.Execution Ability
    Demonstrated knowledge and understanding of the profession, ability to design and install and general proficiency as a Productivity Specialist.
    1.Written Test – A written test must be taken under the auspices of the APS. This test consists of a series of questions, all of which must be answered.
    2.Case History – Each applicant must submit a detailed written case history of a recent project that they connected with, describing the program(s) installed and their own involvement. The client name should be omitted.
    3.Personal Interview – Each candidate must be interviewed by a panel of peers who will examine the candidate’s knowledge and understanding of the profession as well as their willingness to accept the responsibility of certification.
    4.Ethical Oath
    An assurance from the applicant that the APS Code of Ethics will guide performance in the future and that they are prepared to conform to all covenants. This oath will be recorded in the form of a signed pledge.

    School Name

    Areas of Study 1970 - 1970

    Describe your studies, involvements, and accomplishments at this school.



     Financial and Corporate advice for management and shareholders related to short- and longterm strategies.

    Management Consulting

    Business Plan

    Feasibility study

    Information /Sales Memorandum

    SWOT analyse

    Project development

    Finance- /Investment guiding

    Turn-Around and Audit

    Financial Reporting

    Cost reduction



    Split real estate


    Venture Capital

    related to M&A sell- and buy side Mandates

    Private Equity

    Exit's and Buy-in

    Close- and open end

     Mezzanine Finance

    Mergers & Acquisitions - M&A

    National and international - SME and Midsized Companies


    John Lindsay

    Innovator, Venture, eCRM, Marketing Automation, Big Data, MROI, Channel, Expansion, Entrepreneur, Vision

    I collaborated with David while building the Belgian Xing Social Network on and off-line. He has an excellent network of contacts locally and internationally which he demonstrated while opening doors to potential business partners for Xing. David has a warm, friendly, personality with a strong professional character. He is reliable, delivers on promises and is an asset on any team effort. I appreciated is broad business experience and financial domain expertise. He also has a love for life and good food which is infectious.

    Pierre Demesmaeker

    Owner | Social Media Marketing Concepts | ICT Management & Recruitment Services

    Over the last couple of years, I've come to learn and appreciate David a lot. He's without a doubt a great professional. Adding excellent inter-personal skills, make him a pleasant and interesting person to talk and work with. I'm still hoping that one day we can further leverage potential partnerships and broaden our mutual horizon.

    Tom Kiely

    CEO at Capital ISS, Instant Search Group & Instant Rents

    David has a wealth of expertise and experience in domestic and International business. He has excellent communication skills and language skills. His personality along with his experience puts him in an ideal position to negotiate all forms of business deals.

    Peter Looijen

    Founder & Managing Partner

    open minded

    Jonathan Zhang

    Strategy Development Consultant at SG & CO PRC Lawyers

    David Vermeulen is the man who brought me to the new business which finally end up as BNT.HK. David is very professional, and easy to deal with. I have been very happy to work with him.

    David Sarria Jimenez

    New Wind Turbine 120% More Efficient. www.gedayc.com

    David es un buen socio para los negocios y un buen contacto en el extranjero.
    Muy recomendable como partner.
    Honrado y trabajador.

    Hans Deuze

    Manager Show and Ride at LOUIS BERGER INTERNATIONAL

    When I was developing a new "convenient food" chain in Europe, I got to know David who at that time worked for the Bayard Finance Group in Brussels. His expertise on how to develop such a new business was well appreciated and I learned a lot from him. I look forward to the next project to work with David.

    Roland De Wit

    Owner- consultant at Patrius Group nv

    while working with David on several cases; his large experience and network is very appreciated.

    Paul Yih

    CEO/ Founder Chinawest World Corporation

    David is one of alliance partner in Belgium .. Yes, we have been engaged with one and the other for the past 5 years with various business situations ..

    I will be making these recommendations based on the level of work we have shared over the years in various world locations and with many different sets of work load -- namely with most of the renewable as well as in the entertainment industry .

    Dominique Dierckxsens

    Owner, BatenborcH International, Executive Search in Sales & Marketing

    I can endorse David as a valuable friend in Art and business acquaintance for couple of years. We haven’t worked together in direct way but with various clients in common business I have appreciated David's work and first class professionalism in his business activities. I can recommend David as trustworthy, conscientious, dedicated, knowledgeable and expert on his domain of Change and Corporate Performance Management with the implementation of Business Intelligence solutions.

    Jonathan Zhang

    Strategy Development Consultant at SG & CO PRC Lawyers

    Mr. David Vermeulen is an excellent partner of 5CGroup International in Belgium for many years. David is professional, hard working and trustworthy. We have been working together very pleasantly and successfully for many years. We are expecting a bigger success with David in the future.

    Peter Michel (PM) Heilmann

    Soc&Co - Social Capital - Social Media - Social Change

    I first met David in Belgium. "Change management" and "Performance Management" are David's middle names! I praise him for his knowledge, professionalism, enthusiasm, consistency, excellence and excellent communication skills. As an Analyst and Partner at CPMaS, David is a highly-experienced professional with whom I'm very happy to collaborate.

    Peter Tegenbosch

    Specialist Performance Management at Cubewise

    On the occasions I have worked with David he showed that he is a professional in his domain and committed to get things done

    Jeffrey Davis

    Global Project Funding ($5M+ USD) and Refined Fuel Oil Products - Direct to Sources/Suppliers

    David has been a valuable friend and business acquaintance for nearly two years --- having been introduced to David through a mutual associate. We have worked together with various clients as pertains to global business / project funding efforts. I find David's personality to be gracious and I very much enjoy working with him. He is a first class professional --- trustworthy, conscientious, dedicated, knowledgeable, enjoys the process and working with people.

    Nelly Teugels


    I can recommend David certainly in times of crises where decisions have to be taken on financial site. With his expertise he has a fast overview over the financial situation & put you on the good way. Next to these points he helps you negotiate with banks, governments eo. He is really a professional financial.

    Thierry Floréal

    president at Thierry Floreal Ltd, Certivo & Sports & business & Outledmedia & Smart Retail

    David is assertive
    this dossiers are correct and complete
    best way to have a very good impression of this man and his dossiers

    Patrick Maes

    Business transformation consultant and business strategy advisor

    I have worked with David in several business recovery projects involving middle-sized companies and learned to appreciate his insight in financial modeling and his tenacity to take-on even the most challenging situations and tasks. With diplomacy and conviction. I can recommend David to anyone looking for a business partner to redress any situation.


    Send here a short message or review - either email to me at : David.Vermeulen@CorFiMA.eu


    Mobile :


    Linkedin : https://be.linkedin.com/in/cpmbi 

    Antwerp Area, Belgium



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    We've got a top notch team!


    International Platform for Corporate Services - Mergers and Acquisitions / Management and Advice


    - deal-exchange Sell- and Buy-side with International Platforms UK, Lux, Suisse, France, Holland, China, US, Japan, New-Zealand.

    Off-market positions and closed internal Network

    Working from of the Belgium (Flanders) but international orientated

    mostly in collaboration with successful and experienced third expertised Partners in Business